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Welcome to December! 
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Hello Bethel friends –  
      This last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about camp… the nice hot snowless days, the hearty meals, the fun activities, the inspiring chapels…
      ‘Cause I had the flu. And lying around feeling miserable makes you long for the days you felt good.
      It made me actually think about heaven… this wonderful place in our future where we’ll be happy and healthy, free of drama and complaining, overflowing with joy and peace, and inspired beyond belief. And it made me dream of it!
      And then while I was feeling sick, the Christmas season hit. At first I could only think about how I was not going to be able to get everything done that I wanted to get done, but lying there immobile gave me lots of time to think! And it came to mind that all the things we do don’t matter too much! The only thing that matters is Jesus, the real reason we celebrate. Taking some time away from all the hullaballoo to think about God actually coming to earth so He could save us from ourselves was kind of a revolutionary thought in such a busy time.
      One of the neatest things about camp is tree time, or quiet time, or devotions in the cabin, because we can think and talk about this… but sometimes when we get back to the bustle of home it’s hard to hold on to. Can I encourage you to do this over your break? Take a day and pretend it’s camp… get out your chapel notes and your Bible, get in touch with your friend or counselor, take some quiet time, and get your priorities re-sorted!
The most important thing – the thing that really matters – is the love of Jesus! Explore it and act it out again now, and all year!
     And in six months let’s see how we did!
In the name of Jesus!
~ Joy Ronald 

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