Bethel Bible Camp Policies


Please pack clothing which maintains high standards of modesty. We also ask that you do not wear clothing imprinted with images or text which glorify the occult, have immoral or illegal themes or attract inappropriate attention. Staff will ask you to change any inappropriate clothing if you choose to wear it.


Attending camp is a privilege and an opportunity to get away from the routine of everyday life and enjoy a camp program that our volunteer staff have worked hard to plan. That is why we ask you NOT to bring cell phones or any personal media devices. If you bring them, we will ask you to give them to the camp Director for safe keeping until the end of camp. (you may bring a film/digital camera, and/or a battery alarm clock)


If you medications, we will ask you to give them to the nurse during registration time. We do not want any medications in the cabins. The nurse will make sure you take them at the appropriate time and give them back to you when you leave. Please discuss any medications , allergies or medical conditions you have with the nurse at registration.


Do not bring money or valuables with you to camp as they can be easily lost or ruined with up to 12 people living in a cabin together for a week. Instead bring older clothes and personal items that are suited for a camp situation. Be aware that Bethel Bible Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Bethel Bible Camp is operated by volunteers working together to provide continuous operation of the camp programs and facilities. All campers are required to contribute to the daily life of camp by participating in doing their share of assigned chores. These may include washing dishes, cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, assisting with kitchen food prep, cleaning buildings or facilities, doing outside work such as raking, shovelling or digging. We serve with happy hearts and do all for God.


Anyone a part of Bethel Bible Camp (BBC) will treat all staff, volunteers and campers with respect and
honour. BBC will not tolerate behaviour that is inappropriate or demeaning. The term “Harassment” as
used in this policy may refer to physical, sexual, verbal, or any other form of harassment deemed

Leaving Camp Premises

If at any time during your camp you leave the camp premises, you MUST inform the Director or person as designated by the Director that you are leaving. This ensures that all campers can be accounted for in case of emergency.

Family Visits

Family members and friends are requested to not “drop in” to visit campers during their week at camp. This can be disruptive to the ongoing programming and can cause difficulty for other campers whose family is not there, especially with younger campers. If you need to come to camp, please check in with the Director before searching for your child. All visitors must report in when arriving at camp for the safety of all.

End of Camp

Campers are required to stay until the end of their camp program to assist in camp clean up and preparations for the next camp. Additionally all camps have scheduled activities until the end of their camp that should not be missed. Commonly last chapel is held at the end of camp often with a slideshow presentation and final words and information to campers before they leave. We ask that parents respect this and do not arrive until it is time for the camper to leave.